Mar Thoma Care and Mission Project

The concept of Mar Thoma Care was born out of a conversation on 9th April 2012 and it was Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa, who was visiting Canberra on that day, who suggested this concept. In 2013 a General Body meeting of Mar Thoma Church, Canberra decided to make this concept a reality and thus Mar Thoma Care and Mission Project started its mission. The first activity of the project was held on 12th October 2013.

We believe that Mar Thoma Care and Mission will grow as a large mission agency in Australia testifying the love Jesus Christ to millions of Australian.


  1. On 12th Oct 2013, by selling Indian Food at St. John’s Fair, members of the parish raised a significant amount to donate towards a project that supports the development of Rag Pickers in Mumbai, India. This particular project is coordinated by Mumbai Diocese of Mar Thoma Church.
  2. Parish was able to collect 101 boxes for Operation Christmas Child 2013.