Community Service Program

Our church has always been committed to serving the community around us. This year, we are proud to continue that legacy through our community service program, which includes a range of activities designed to make a positive impact in our local and global community.

One of the key activities that we are proud of is we organise regular community kitchen programs, where we prepare and distribute food to those in need in the local area. This program has been a significant success, with numerous volunteers and sponsors coming forward to support the cause.

In addition, we are also conducting blood donation drives with Red Cross LifeBlood. This partnership enables us to participate in regular blood donation drives, which have the power to save lives and make a significant impact in our community.

Through our partnership with Red Cross LifeBlood, we can ensure that our donations are used to support the most critical needs, such as accident victims, surgery patients, and those undergoing cancer treatment. This makes our participation in blood donation drives an essential part of our community service program.

Our community service program also supports various disaster recovery programs, such as the Turkish and Syrian Earthquake recovery program. This program has been vital in providing much-needed relief to those impacted by the disaster, and we are proud to be a part of it.

As part of our community service program, we also work towards building strong connections with other churches and communities. We participate in and organise events like food fests, sports, BBQs, and more to foster friendly connections and create a sense of community.

We encourage all members of our church to take part in our community service program and make a positive impact in the world around us. Whether it’s donating blood or volunteering at the community kitchen, every contribution can make a significant difference. If you are interested in joining our community service program or sponsoring future activities, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to help.