Our Parish

Canberra has its own importance in the history of Mar Thoma Church in Australia. World Council of Churches Annual General body was held in Canberra in 1991. Rt. Rev. Zacherias Mar Theophilos Episcopa represented Mar Thoma Church in the conference. Discussions that were held with the Anglican Church authorities in Australia during this conference lead to the birth of Mar Thoma Church in Australia.

It is also a proud factor for Canberra Marthomites that Mar Thoma Youth Fellowship of Australia was born out of a student fellowship in Canberra. Mar Thoma students who were pursing their studies in Canberra at that time made this remarkable start and since then Christian youths from all over Australia gather every year for a youth conference.

Since 1991 Vicars from Bethel Mar Thoma Church Sydney Inc visited Canberra and provided spiritual guidance for Marthomites in Canberra. Until May 2011 Canberra operated as a Prayer Group under Bethel Mar Thoma Church Sydney Inc. After a Holy Communion service on 29th August 2009, monthly worship service of Canberra Mar Thoma Fellowship started under the leadership of Rev. Blysu Varghese.

The Episcopal Synod of Mar Thoma Church which met on 5th May 2011 approved Canberra Mar Thoma Fellowship as a Parish in Mar Thoma Church from 1st June 2011 and named the parish ‘Mar Thoma Church, Canberra’. The Episcopal Synod also appointed Rev Blysu Varghese as the first Vicar of Mar Thoma Church, Canberra. Since then Mar Thoma Church, Canberra registered itself as a legal entity in Australian Capital Territory. Rev. Blysu Varghese celebrated Holy Communion service on 1st June 2011 and the gathered community thanked the Lord Almighty for helping the Fellowship to grow as a Parish.

The formal inauguration of the parish was held on 12th March 2012. On this occasion, our Diocesan Episcopa,   Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas celebrated the Holy Communion service and inaugurate our Parish formally at the inaugural function that followed.

Under the leadership of Rev. Mathews A. Mathew, parish started its regular weekly service from April 2013.